Jasmine-Rose Banbury


As a Graduate from the London College of Fashion, armed with a degree in Fashion Design and Development, I am a 23 year old from Surrey with a near obsession with fashion, design and all round creative direction. This year, I discovered imagery, writing and styling, and how all three can be combined to tell visual stories and narration – from this, I wanted to create a platform for my own development and discovery within fashion styling and creative direction.

I have found that It’s particularly hard to limit yourself to one area of creativity; a limitation that I have often found difficult. Through jasminerosebanbury.com, I wish to express my own combinations of areas of interest that make up a narration of who I wish to present myself as within the creative industry. Through this site, it is not just a pit stop for Fashion and Styling, but also for 10 minute creative writing pieces, for assisting work that acts as a portfolio, for inspirational life style pieces, for interior design and exterior inspiration. JasmineRoseBanbury is a microcosm of creative expression that doesn’t limit itself to categoric barriers.

J x