Blitzing the Blazer

I’m that kind of girl, who unbeknown to her own self, will wear a piece of clothing CONTINUOUSLY, when she finds something that…just…works. I’ve been quite good recently – making sure to wear a different item of clothing every day (except my jeans) and making sure I try and style something differently each week. Yes, there really is that much thought that goes into what I choose to wear daily.

It just so happens, since being surrounded by girls who wear a blazer incredibly well, I too got the blazer bug and set out on my lunch break to buy one, only for the next night out. And for a night out, where I just knew I wouldn’t want to have to worry about having some form of wine spilt on me,  I headed to Primark.


Unbeknown to my naive self, I came across this little bargain. for £20, I picked up a longline ‘mock’ double-breasted beauty. Because of wanting to wear it as a top on a night out (two safety pins to hold the front together and you’ve got the perfect night out companion), I opted for a size 12.

DSC04090 frame .jpg

But oh my. Did I underestimate how useful this blazer actually is. From wearing it to Menagerie and then out on the town, to wearing it with a cropped logo tee and skinny jeans at work, AND THEN, with a roll neck, jeans and boots the next day, I completely missed out on giving this wardrobe essential, its due diligence.


The blazer is no longer an item for the office. Its one of those pieces that looks good with everything, for every occasion. Whether it’s a tie waist version, or an asymmetric drape, with a tuxedo collar, or even a double breasted front (or mock, whatever you like), the blazer is now not only an essential item for the spring season, but also a timeless piece to have at the back of the wardrobe.



DSC04116 border.jpg

For those doubting my new found love, I’ve come up with a blazer hit list, that will get you confessing your blazer sins, and draw you in to the newest style cult. 

For the Saturday coffee. 

You agreed to coffee on Monday, and having had the most hectic week, you know you can’t cancel, but you really can’t be asked. Behold, comfort, but with a twist. A blazer can dress up anything, particularly jersey. With an oversized t-shirt dress, a pair of sneakers, and an oversized double breasted blazer, who said you needed to dress up for a Saturday coffee?

dzz27159_black_xlScreen Shot 2018-03-28 at 22.21.21.pngTS42C14NWHT_Zoom_M_1.jpgScreen Shot 2018-03-28 at 22.25.57


For the meeting with your boss. 

Okay, Friday’s meeting is coming up, and you know you need to be taken seriously, but part of your job is being part of a relaxed atmosphere, that doesn’t need you to dress for the office. You want look like you have your life together, but still show a bit of personality. All for the effort towards this meeting.

A blazer with a logo tee, but  with loose yet stylish trousers, is the way to go. This look brings you ‘put-together’ and ‘charismatic’ all in one go.

white-contrast-stitch-double-breasted-suit-blazer.jpgJ20J207039_112_main.jpegScreen Shot 2018-03-28 at 22.35.10.png1230301040_2_22_1

Friday night ‘out out’. 

It’s finally Friday. After living in flats and jeans, it’s finally time to go for a few vodka sodas with the girls, and let your hair down. You’re looking for something to wear that is classic yet still sexy, but having worked hard all week, you’re not ready for that body con dress just yet.

The asymmetric blazer dress is perfect for this. With plenty of room to move around in, but of course showing of your pins (teamed with a pair of heels of course), going out dressing has never been more stylish.


The thing with blazers is that, you don’t necessarily have to invest in an expensive style, to be able to make a blazer look great. Some of the best ones to wear can cost just £20.. and if you’re looking to buy a higher quality style but don’t want to invest? Depop and eBay are handy little life savers. 

Happy blazering!

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