Lady Elliot Island.

It’s not often you’re given the incredible opportunity to fly on a 12 seat plane, a 40 minute journey from Australia, to stay on an eco island for two days – the opportunity to live in paradise, with no access to internet, wifi, signal, or even a landline, to see turtles at night, to snorkel and see reef sharks, to hold a sea cucumber in your hands, and walk around a living and breathing coral reef. The last few days, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.


Along with the truly magical experience of Lady Elliot Island, the one thing that played on my mind on the journey back to Coolum, was the living experience and the environment. A far cry from the London tube, the sound of car horns at 8am, the constant Instagram stories and Sky Movies, the atmosphere of Lady Elliot Island did not fall short of beautiful.


It was as if the overall living experience was stripped back and taken back to its basics -walking through our island induction (being an eco sight, such things exist as “if it’s a cone, leave it alone”, referring to poisonous shell creatures which currently have no  anti-venom if they sting you), I only saw tones of stone, of wood and burnt umber infused with the leafy tones of greenery (they all had their stories to tell, since the creation of the island). I only heard the singing of birds, the tide gently swelling, the wind  whispering around the turbines of the plane. Stripped back couldn’t have been more of a fulfilling experience.


I’m usually one of creature comforts, not straying far from a power shower and my laptop, a latte and my double bed. But on the island, it was a canvas tent with bunk beds, and a sign that asked us to help preserve the environment and the solar energy – it made the reality of how much we rely on todays vices to get us through our day, really strike home. I only had a book, a notebook, and the ever occurring future thoughts to entertain myself. It was oddly quite blissful. Not least encouraged by the fresh air and the beautiful living space.


Leaving on the flight home, rain pounding against the windows of the plane, looking down at the ocean swells and hearing nothing but the engine of the plane, I thought of where I had stayed, the magic of stripped back living; the thought of keeping life easy and simple, of keeping the magic of the Lady Elliot Island part of the future plans in Manchester. Who knows, maybe Lady Elliot taught me more lessons than I thought.


lady Elliot Island –


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