How To Wear.. Faux Fur.

I’m writing today from the standing point of hating my coat. Really. I hate that the only two colours I seem to own, in some kind of coat structure, are grey and black. As sophisticated and stylish I like to be, I’m kind of bored. Gone are the days of Spring and Autumn, where it was justifiable to wear layers rather than a coat, where getting away with a textured, brightly coloured cord jacket (and a roll neck) really was okay. The coat almost takes away the fun when it comes to styling – it’s an outer layer that yes, keeps you warm, and yes, mum always taught you to wear as soon as there was frost on the ground, but where is the fun in the wool coat?

SONY DSCAs I learn more and more about styling, and the styling tricks of the trade that really inject the fun back into dressing, I thought today, I want to wear something that’s not a coat. I opened my wardrobe, stared into the hangers, and noticed three single items of clothing that hadn’t been worn since last year. One brown, one white, and one baby pink. My faux fur jackets. Pulling the baby pink one out, I thought, how on earth do I make this work, when I’m battling against the devil of winter?

SONY DSCI always remember wearing a vest, under a t-shirt, under a hoodie, under a down jacket, under a coat. I used to think it was uncool, annoyed that my parents used to tell me to put on another layer to go out. But low and behold, this is the way to wear a lightweight jacket, in winter.


I confess, my little secret? Wearing a thermal vest under a tee (you guessed it, you can’t even see it through this cut up Calvin Klein top!) Add a leather jacket underneath the light weight jacket, and you have a sophisticated mix up of tough biker chic, with eccentric styling fun.


DSC03980.JPGAnother way to add a little interest into winter dressing, without the coat, is simply the use of a faux fur Gillet. Paired with a chunky roll neck knit (and thermal vest) a leather baker boy cap and a classic pair of leather gloves, you’ve got sophisticated dressing.. without the coat.

Need a visual Guide? Here’s my kind of Faux Fur fun..

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 12.37.38.png

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