How to Wear.. Work Shoes.

I polished my boots. “Don’t go to a first day without polishing your shoes Jasmine”, my Dad told me over dinner the night before I started my first EVER internship at a magazine. My clark’s boots that I had had for a year, that had taken me through multiple fashion weeks, nights out, dates and day trips, were to be choice of footwear for my first day. Their 6 inch heel and platform gave me the height I needed, whilst blending in perfectly with my black jeans. Yep. How could I NOT wear my loyal boots for my first day in the office?


by 2pm I realised my mistake – yep, there goes that old knee pain, my toes were kind of hurting, and the balls of my feet were burning a little. As I crouched on the floor, organising a folder, I felt myself wishing for a better shoe, one that still made me feel confident and stylist, but was actually comfortable. My trusty Clarks boots apologised to me, they were sorry that they were so misunderstood. Surely I knew that they were NOT the footwear for a day at a magazine? Never mind months.

“You can never take too much care in selecting shoes. Too many women think that because they are low down, shoes do not matter, but it is by her feet that you can judge whether a woman is elegant or not.” – Christian Dior.

This season has seen the return of the sensible shoe, and yes, it’s now more stylist than ever. In true Manolo style, with a whisper of Tabitha Simmons and Marie Antoinette (perhaps with a sprinkle of Dior’s New Look), the new work shoe is simple, easy to walk (and run) in, looks fantastic with an oversized shirt and slouchy trousers, and allows your feet to still survive by 6pm.


“Elegence is everything in a shoe” – Diana Vreeland.

It is no secret to those that work in Fashion, that the backless mule is THE shoe of choice for the 9-6 days, as it works effortlessly with the casual pair of jeans, dressing the jean up and at the same time, adding an effortless “stylist” approach to really not trying at all. When in need for something a little more smarter (and stay-on-able), the slingback stiletto pointed pump is the most elegant of choice. After managing to wear a pair for 16 hours on one day, I can safely say that this species of shoe is my new favourite best friend.

For a way to really hone in to your inner Andrea (Devil Wears Prada, Der), pair with a pair of leather/faux leather pants, with a white t-shirt and a casual black tailored blazer, paired with a silk lapel. Thursday office meetings to the bar in Bermondsey with the girls outfit? Check.


“To wear dreams on one’s feet is to begin to a give a reality to one’s dreams” – Roger Vivier

The Stiletto sling back and the understated mule are a little too bland you say? I have one final trick up my sleeve. Try the textured mule, with ankle ties to match. Topshop are doing amazing heeled mules at the moment, in tones of patent ruby red and tweed – combined with a leather ankle tie and rounded buckles, this style of shoe is perfect for those who are unafraid of print and colour (hands up, I’m not quite there yet for my Monday to Friday).

I can happily say I am now convert to being a little more sensible, but no less stylish. This footwear development has safely put my Clarks boots back in the shoe basket, and have brought another dimension of dressing to my wardrobe.

Never underestimate the power of classic shoe for work.


mule – similar H&M, pointed sling back Stiletto- Marks and Spencer’s, textured buckle mule, – Topshop.

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