You Did It.

Invites in one hand, phone in the other, the next show was calling, and the venue was half an hour away. We rushed onto the street, city mapper telling us to go left, down to the strand and into the underground. London Fashion Week Day 1 started off in a flurry of places to be, people to meet, and Fashion to watch.


In a flurry of snaps,  clicking surrounds the show space, like a flock of birds waiting for the shot, waiting for something, waiting for the next big trend. “Hi, can I take a photo of what you’re wearing? Thanks!” A Pret bag in one hand, a handbag in the other, balancing my phone between my fingers, and my laptop in my arm, I look at the camera lens with confusion. Where do you look? What do you do? I look down and focus on the floor. How long do you stand still for? Do you say thank you?


We sat waiting, waiting for magic, waiting for the feeling, of discovering the next favourite collection for the Spring/Summer season. Steadily, the room grew busier, Gucci Loafers and Marni mules shuffling from left to right, the room bursting with anticipation. Suddenly, the lights went out, and the catwalk shone. The bass pumped through my bones, as the first catwalk creature strode out in a flurry of white cotton and clean shirting. Cheek bones glistened, blue eyes shone, hair bounced effortlessly, an army of limbs overtook the attention from the surrounding audience; the show had begun.



I sat in peace, staring out of the window of the 78, watching night take over. It was 7pm. I couldn’t think of anything else but the day. The same feeling of sitting in my first show, over took my mind. The magic of those 15 minutes, the feeling of being one of a select few to see the reveal of a designers work.

I remembered sitting in Devon, flicking through that month’s Vogue, trying to draw the models, reading every little word about that yellow, super fluffy coat. I fell in love with Fashion, I promised to myself that one day, I would be at the shows, I would get to see that yellow fluffy jacket up close, I would be one of those women photographed going to the shows, talking about what designers they liked. I would be there.


You did it.

Mohair Jacket – Florence Bridge 

Side Satchel – Tessa Spielhofer

Images – Georgia Sillitoe

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