How to wear.. Stripes.

I did it. I committed a style sin. You know those little rules where two colours aren’t actually meant to go together? Or you should never put two different prints together? OR YOU SHOULD NEVER WEAR DOUBLE STRIPES AND DOUBLE SPOTS? Don’t hate me, but I did it. All in the name of Fashion.


You Rebel, you. 

There’s something quite fun about wearing double stripe. It’s the unspoken word that it Doesn’t usually work. But I’ve worked out the secret. Instead of looking like a gigantic stripe, changing the type of stripe depending on what proportion of the body you’re dressing, works a treat for making stripes work – it splits up the proportions of your body, showing that 1)you do have a waist, and 2) you’re wearing two separate pieces of clothing.

For instance, I’ve learnt that working with a bolder stripe on the lower part of your body, compared to a finer stripe on top, actually makes clashing really work. Adding on a leather jacket (or some kind of jacket that ISN’T printed) works for breaking up the stripes again. You see the link here?


Material Is Everything. 

Secondly, wearing double stripes is also about the material of the striped pieces you’re wearing. When I was thinking about this look, I realised that I wanted to go for a very relaxed aesthetic, and that stripes in a light weight fabric for both proportions, would give off the ‘careless – yet – put- in – effort’ look.. kinda like wearing your striped silk pyjamas out. It’s the same with the theme of outfit – if it’s to dress up for an occasion or an event, the striped pieces need to be structured and of a heavier fabric, but if it’s more of a day look, sometimes less structure is best.


Of course, I’m no expert, and stripes can be worn however, whenever and whatever way you fancy. This was a new little styling idea for me, that was actually quite fun to try out. Rules are always made to be broke, so why not have fun breaking them?_MG_8679

Bag – Tessa Spielhofer 

Shirt – Missguided, similar style here 

Skirt – Forever 21, similar style here. 

Boots – Asos 


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