London Fashion Week with Tessa Spielhofer

This week, I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity by Jungle Magazine ( to contribute to their online journal as London Fashion Week writer – through this opportunity, I also chose to work with two new designers to create a few looks for the week. One designer I was given the opportunity to work with was accessories designer Tessa Spielhofer, and her incredible Davos bag and Nyon bag.



The first bag I chose to work with was the beautiful Davos bag – this accessory definitely stood out to me as I felt it matched my own personal style – minimal yet with a slight twist, casual but with elements of sophistication.

The bag itself is of an envelope structure, allowing the user to fold the opening to a magnetic secure point, which holds the opening in place until the user intends to open the bag. At the sides, the bag can be used with a removable chain strap, which I found was great for when I had a lot to carry (fashion week note – prepare yourself with the multiple levels of magazines, leaflets, press releases, popcorn and water bottles you’ll end up with at the end of the day). It has an incredible sophisticated leather handle across the lower end of the bag which is great to use whilst in clutch form, with golden lion studs – a symbol chosen by creator Tessa as a symbol of strength, a small embodiment of what Tessa sees her ideal customer to be – strong, independent, fiery and brave. My favourite feature inside the bag was a little piece of material that can be used to clip your house keys on – many a time I’ve turned my bag upside down outside my house door at 9pm trying to find those little pieces of freedom and have just been asking for an easy way to not lose my keys… and this is it.


Now, the combinations of material make this bag, and make it as luxurious as it appears. A combination of leather and python, it screams luxury and indeed, positions itself against other shoulder bags on the market, by being the “cool-girls” go to for a night out at Sketch, to brunch at the Dalloway Terrace. I felt incredibly stylish using this bag for the shows and interview I had lined up for that day and felt that, in a basic outfit of a black T shirt and white jeans, this was the perfect bag to really dress up the look.

For day two, I chose to work with the Nyon bag – I wanted to work with a small bag to take the weight of carrying heavy bags on my shoulder, and this was the best decision I made when it came to choosing an accessory.


For when you’re running to get coffee and you only need your keys, cardholder and phone, this is the perfect bag – and it has one secret that not many bags on the market have. A reversible closing flap. With two material pallets of metallic leather and python, and beautiful braiding around the outside of this little treasure, this bag gives a twist to the traditional saddle bag shape – a little something to brighten up a minimal outfit (and I’m a pro of those!). What made this bag for me was the attention to detail in the flap, the idea that the modern woman doesn’t want to just own one bag, and does have multiple outfits to work with, and multiple occasions to attend.

It’s a bag that gives an opportunity of option to an outfit.


Now, the reason I like to work with new designers is the excitement of discovering new, clever pieces that not everyone has, and discovering how much they can add to my wardrobe or a look that is made up of items that aren’t necessarily designer or up-to-date ; it’s the opportunity to mix up pieces of old and new and to create an exciting outfit.

For me, discovering Tessa Spielhofer has been a bonus to London Fashion Week and her beautiful accessories definitely deserve attention – for their craftmanship, for the attention to detail, and for the ability of working well with the modern day woman’s wardrobe.

tessa spielhofer contact:
instagram –
website –

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