My Favourite Tie.


You’re sitting at the desk and it’s 2pm. Your face is feeling slightly sticky, and you can feel the makeup that was freshly in place at 9am, slowly making its way down your cheek bones, all the way to your new Kurt Geiger boots. Feeling around your wrists and your jean pockets, you try and find that hair band you quickly grabbed as you left the house this morning. It’s not there. The hair is sticking to your temples, covering your eyes every moment you look down at the excel sheet. How the hell are you meant to keep it back until 6pm? Brushing past the neck scarf thats tied in a knot just below your jaw, you realise a substitute for the missing 99p hair band.


This season, has seen the general silk scarf turned into a key accessory – not only can a simple £1 version be picked up in the local charity shop, it is the stylish necessary companion that works perfectly for any outfit.. and any forgotten hair band.

“She’ll tie her scarf in a different way. She’ll stand differently. But she’ll look chic.”



If Luxury is your thing, Gucci and Hermes offer beautiful alternatives to the vintage (charity) shop silk scarf that could rival any Olsen twin’s style guide, but for highstreet hunters, Zara has taken note, and offers a £7.99 sister scarf that would work perfectly with a plain white tee or Bardot cold-shoulder top.


its 6pm and you need to meet the girls for after-work drinks. Walking past the office mirror, you pull the scarf out of your hair and re-tye it around your neck. Instead of tucking the ends in, you pull them out and tie a bow. Suddenly, the 6am outfit choice turns into something a little more sophisticated, perfect for the bar in soho … minus the loose, out of control hair.


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